Morristown's Southwest Cemetery

A year ago, Sharon and I checked out this tiny southwest cemetery in Morristown, AZ.  The town is along US Route 60 (Grand Avenue) and could be easily missed if you are not looking for it.  We decided to see how the place looked a year later.  Although the sign for the cemetery has broken with half of it on the ground, the cemetery itself looked very well maintained.  All the graves had various types of stones in and around them which can be found in the southwest desert.  Large stones were put where a headstone was missing.  There were no names on the stones, but it made each grave look complete and wanted.  I was glad we decided to give this cemetery a second look.


  1. I love old cemeteries, especially the ones in this style (AZ, NM, etc). My great-grandpa is buried in an old cemetery that looks a little like this one (it's in New Mexico), and even though I visited it when I was 10, I can still remember every detail of it. Would definitely want to go back some day.

  2. I love these old southwestern cemeteries too. There are so many more to see and I am hoping to check out the ones in NM and Nevada as well.

  3. That first grave with the bench is actually my little brother's grave and I'm really glad you guys appreciate what we've done to keep it fixed up! We've been in Morristown for four generations now so it means alot to see people appreciate our tiny town. =]

  4. My mother is buried here and my step father had a plot right next to hers. He died in 2012 but we have yet to bury his remains because when my sister went to look at it she said the grounds looked unkempt and not maintained. I am in kansas and she lives in California. If there is anyone there that visits regularly could you inform me who to contact to have my father buried?


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