Skull Valley: Just Another Mayberry

After spending the night in Kirkland, Sharon and I decided we needed to check the town of Skull Valley which was only 7 miles away.  We were told the town got its name because of the many skulls found buried in the area.  I didn't find much information on this tiny place, but with a name like Skull Valley, we just had to see what the place looked like.

We pictured a desolate place with dead trees and vultures sitting on them waiting to pounce on any unsuspecting visitors.  We couldn't have been more wrong.  It was more like, "welcome to Mayberry", rather than "hell".  It was a sweet and quaint place with a small hometown cafe, market, and gas/garage with 50's looking pumps out front.  The homes were in great condition with the yards groomed with pride.  There was a museum which was closed and a darling little school house.  We were also amazed at all the huge trees lining the streets, which were probably about 100 years old.  The town is definitely off the beaten path and one of the great finds on the back roads of Arizona.


  1. Oh, I LOVE the sign on the general store!!!!

    It's kind of cute that the town turned out to be not what you expected. Contradictions like that really are the spice of life!

  2. Emma, Skull Valley was a pleasant surprise. I can see myself living there.

    Max, All the hills surrounding that little town and Kirkland had huge boulders on them. They looked great with the sunrise.

  3. Yeah, Skull Valley doesn't look anything like I would have thought. It actually looks like a really cool place to pass through and visit. A welcome change from the big smoggy city.

  4. I want to go back there when it's green.

  5. I can hear the banjos in your photos...

    However, the scenery is nice...

  6. We were waiting for Barney Fife to show up and ask what we were doing in his town.

  7. This place is a little slice of heaven. A question. Did you encounter many ghosts?

  8. Except you managed to capture with your lens an eerier atmosphere. (It looks quaint and quiet, but you also managed to convey perhaps something else more sinister could happen at any moment...)

  9. That is cute. What an ironic name for a nice place.

  10. Nellie, no ghosts just an interesting time cruising around this small town.

    Courtney, yeah, most of the people were either in their homes or at the cafe. Not seeing anyone along the road did give the place a somewhat moody atmosphere.

    Jessica, the name is deceiving. The town is much cuter than the name applies. We pictured a town named "Skull Valley" to be more desolate.


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