Vintage Travel Posters

(c. 1925)
The poster above, "New Mexico and Arizona rockies. Land of history and mystery" is a lithography by The Willmarths. The print is described as a "poster showing a woman purchasing beads and pottery from a Native American man." (Courtesy of the Boston Public Library,

The posters were commissioned by travel agents and offices as modes of transportation developed and the railways opened to those looking for luxury travel. Included in the collection are prints of American, European, and Asian cities -- then reachable by boat, plane, and train. 

The Lure of National Parks by Dorothy Waugh (c. 1930)
These posters are on display at the Boston Public Library, but not for sale.
Check out all of the posters on the Boston Public Library flicker page:


  1. Why don't they make posters like that anymore? I like art work instead of photography on these.

  2. Sis, I don't know why we don't see more hand drawn poster like these. There are so many talented artists out there.

    Barry, I love them too. I would like to have some of them for my own. They would look good hanging in my office.

  3. Ah, yes. Classic travel brochures. Makes me wish the weather was decent enough to visit the CO Rockies.


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