Squatters at the Slaughter House

One of the places we wanted to show our friend Sandy on our last day trip was the place called the "slaughter house".  After getting lots of photos at the farm house, we assured her that she will be taking many more photos at the slaughter house and barn.  What we didn't expect were squatters.

As we drove into the road where the slaughter house stood, we noticed a man working on his truck.  The truck was parked near the barn with his Rottweiler lying nearby.  For a brief moment we planned to park the car behind the house so we could still get pictures.  Even though the man never looked up or turned to check us out, the dog never took its beady eyes off us.  We decided not to mess with the mutt and turned around.  As we got near the road, we decided to turn back and show Sandy another place where a shack used to stand. This place had huge trees and a tin cover.  As we drove by, the man never acknowledged our presence, and the dog keep an evil stare at the car.  We noticed that under a large tree and near the barn was a make-shift tent and another dog keeping a close eye on us too.  We got our butts out of there.

We couldn't get out of the car where the big tin cover was because another family of squatters were there and they had dogs too.  Next time, we visit the slaughter house it will be in the summer like we did last year.  It was too frickin' hot for anyone to want to squat even for a day or two.


  1. I hope they are gone by Wednesday--that is when I'm going down there again and wanted to go by and see if they have moved on yet, but the weather is still pleasant, so I'm guessing they haven't. If I were going to be homeless, I think I'd choose Superior, Globe or Miami. Plenty of better structures, nicer weather....

  2. I hope you have better luck on Wednesday so your friend can take pictures there. I agree with you, if I was squatting, it wouldn't be at the slaughter house. Let's just hope that never happens...

  3. Sorry to hear that squatters ruined your trip. I hope they leave so you and your friend can get photos!


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