Ghosts of the Copper Queen Hotel

Brief History:
Built in 1902, the classy hotel was built by a wealthy Copper Queen Mining Company.  The hotel was built for the mining executives and played host to traveling men, governors and dignitaries.  It is located in the heart of down town Bisbee and is well maintained to this day.

Ghosts of the Copper Queen Hotel:
During the 1920’s – 30’s, when prostitution was permitted in Arizona, a prostitute named Julia Lowell “serviced” many men in rooms on the third floor.  At the age of 30, Julia fell in love with one of her gentleman callers, who happened to be married.  He enjoyed her company but didn’t feel the same for her.  He also didn’t think she was good enough to marry.  Julia was so upset that she killed herself.  Hers is the only reported death in the hotel.  Julia is known to haunt the third floor, especially room 315, known as Julia’s Room.  She’ll only appear to men, sometimes as a bright white smoke.  Some of the men have reported hearing a female voice whispering in their ears.  Men who have slept in room 315 are awakened in the middle of the night to Julia doing a striptease dance.  Afterwards, she’ll just smile and fade away.  Other men have reported their sheets and blankets being pulled back, exposing their feet.  They said that it felt like someone is rubbing their feet.

An eight or nine year old boy, whose mother worked at the hotel, was wild and loved running up and down the 4th floor hallway. The reports are that his name was Billy. He drowned while swimming in the SanPedro River. The ghost of the boy has been seen on the 4th floor and dining room of the hotel. Guest have reported hearing a child running up and down the 4th floor hallway when no children where staying there at that time. He is known to hide various items belonging to hotel guest, especially those staying on the 4th floor. Some guests have reported hearing a young child crying when they turn on the bath water. They have also reported seeing him wrapped in a bath towel. Some children eating in the dining room have seen him under their tables.
A ghost of an older gentleman, known as Albert, has been seen in the lobby, stairways and rooms located at the southwest corner of the 4th floor. He is described as a tall man, with long hair, beard, nice black suit with a black cape and top hat. Some have caught the scent of cigar smoke after he was seen.

A woman, in a black dress, has been seen walking up and down the grand staircase and also in the dining room. Her name was reported to be Ruth.

Another ghost of a man seems to like the third floor as well. Employees hear their names being called and heavy boot steps walking up and down the floor hallway.

Another employee has seen a ghost of a former employee named Rose sitting in a chair in the lobby. She appears to be watching the main entrance door.

Ghost Hunters and my experience:
When Jason and Grant brought TAPS to the Copper Queen Hotel for an investigation, they did capture incredible evidence. In “Billy’s Room” on the fourth floor they heard strange noises, and the luggage rack move. They set up a mini DVD camera in “Julia’s Room” while Grant spent the night there alone. The camera caught the blanket being pulled back and off Grant’s foot, exposing his foot by unseen hands. His other foot did not move but they still didn’t know exactly what that was. I know who did it, the ghost of Julia!

I have stayed at the Copper Queen Hotel twice and it did not disappoint me. Both times I stayed in room 401 and the spirits let us know they were there. I heard whispering above the bed I was sleeping in, strange voices, and saw a coat, and the bathroom door move. A shadow figure was seen in the bathroom, and things in our bathroom and dresser were moved when we were out of the room. Late at night two of my roommates had their feet touched and then pulled real hard by unseen hands.
In room 402, we experienced hearing change being pushed off a dresser and then land on the floor. No one was near the dresser at the time and it was during an EVP session. In room 404, our friends experience their dresser drawers being found open after they clearly closed them before leaving the room. The put a trigger pen on the dresser, took a picture and marked where it was before leaving the room. It was moved when they returned. A quarter was pushed off the dresser by itself, people were touched, voices were heard and a camera was twirling on its own in the bathroom. Also on the 4th and near “Albert’s Corner”, my friend saw a shadow figure move across the hall and then he smelt cigar smoke. This is usually a sign that Albert has made his presence known.

If you ever get the chance to visit Bisbee, AZ and want a ghostly experience, put the Copper Queen Hotel on your list of places to stay.


  1. That place really is weird. I wasn't expecting anything and then something kept turning the bathroom door knob during the night as I was watching it! And, a few times, children played and talked outside the room but there was no one there at all and the hallway was silent. I eventually quit going out to look for the nonexistent kids, but one time when I went and looked out, down the hallway, another person opened her door and looked up and down as if she heard it too.

  2. Next time Sis, I want to go there with you and the POE team. I want evidence that the place is haunted and what we saw did happen.

    Adrian; I love them too!

  3. That's awesome! I'll add that to my list of haunted places to stay and visit!

  4. Woah. It sounds like this place has quite a history! I don't think I'd be comfortable staying overnight...

  5. Lois, we did have a fun time especially when the ghosties came out.

    Tara, when you come out here, you, me and Sharon will all spend the night there. You will love it.

    Justine, LOL, it isn't everyone's cup of tea. Bisbee has a great history. It is an old mining town where many artists live. I love going there.

  6. Wow, this is fascinating! I'd LOVE to check out a place like this... but I wouldn't want to actually sleep there. I'd gladly just stay awake all night, searching for ghosties.

  7. I just stayed at the Copper Queen last month with my 16 year old niece and nephew. We signed up for the Thursday night ghost hunt. We also stayed Wednesday night. We were booked into room 401 and had no idea about the paranormal history of that room until Thursday during the hunt. I have to say that I didn't have any experiences at all, however my niece kept waking me up because she heard things and said she saw my hair move like someone was touching it. She actually went down to the lobby at about 2:30 am because she was so scared. I finally went down at 3:30 and made her come back to the room. We had to sleep with the lights on and I don't think she shut her eyes until the sun came up. So you can imagine how the next night was after she heard the stories about that room! I think it was a great experience and I would highly recommend staying at the Copper Queen and signing up for the Thursday night Ghost Hunt. Ask for room 401...if you dare.

  8. The fourth floor seems to be haunted by ghost! And you really took the chance to have a creepy hotel experience with Copper Queen Hotel.

  9. To scary l'll never stay here over for one night. To afraid of ghosts

  10. My wife had gone up to bed earlier and when I came up and went to bed I heard what sounded like a wisk broom continually sweeping outside my door. After quite a while I went and opened the door to see what was going on. There was no one there and did not hear the sound. I went back to bed and then heard the sound again. I thought to myself that I don't believe in ghosts but I was sure I heard the same sound. I sat up in bed and cupped my ears and determined that the sound was in the room. I got up and went toward the door and the sound continued and I turned the light on and my wife sat up in bed and asked what was going on. I told her I thought we had a ghost. Then I noticed that the sound was a result of the ceiling fan blowing the trash can liner around, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. My wife told me to turn off the light and get my posterior into bed right now. She wasn't happy about being awakened but thought it was funny the next day. I didn't wish to talk about it.


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