We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

If Norman Bates spent more time taking care of the motel instead of his dead mother, the place wouldn't look like an abandoned mess.

Looks like Norman has a new friend.


  1. Tis sad there are so many places empty while there are so many homeless people.

  2. I hope you plan for protection in case you run into someone who isn't so nice out in these places.

  3. Gail, I agree. There are so many places like this all over. I am sure that some homeless people use them for shelter.

    Lois, we are protected and aware of our surroundings. We won't go anywhere that doesn't look safe. Also, we both carry pepper spray.

  4. Wow, it's so desolate. You'd think it would be feasible to renovate or utilize the space in a productive manner.

  5. That place was sooooo awesome. That's a town we might need to explore next time we're on the way to the Vin-ster's. It was just too creepy-rama.

  6. i love old abadoned buildings, they mad me wanna explore things

    and great pics that you have taken!!

  7. Heaven, you would think they would utilized this space but I am guess that being a small town they probably don't have the money to renovate. It's too bad.

    Sis, I would love to go back to that place and get more pictures. I wonder if the yard sale will still be going on, tee hee!

    BigOryx, I love them too. There is something sad yet wonderful about them. If you get the chance, you should check out the places in your area.


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