The Desert Bigfoot

I found out if I wanted to find the elusive Bigfoot, I won’t need to head up to the forests of the White Mountains or Flagstaff. All I have to do is drive a couple of miles west to the White Tanks where a few Bigfoot sightings have been made. Now, along with the coyotes, snakes, scorpions and other desert critters, we have a Bigfoot too. I guess if I want to go Bigfoot hunting, all I have to do is look in my own backyard.

Here is just one story I found:

It was back in 1993 or 1994 when three high school boys decided to take a late night drive in the desert. They ended up on the dirt roads of the White Tanks Mountains near the park entrance to take a break. It must have been around 11:00 pm when they began hearing lots of commotion amongst the bushes. They blew it off as being a small animal, perhaps a rabbit. The movement continued which had one of the boys scratching his head. He told his friends that he had been hunting all his life and never experienced any animal circling him in the woods, even more so in the desert.

The three boys started to get nervous and scared. They jumped out of the jeep with flashlights in hand shining them into the dark desert. As the noise got closer in front of their vehicle, the flashlights brightness caught a large erect animal standing behind a 6 foot tall Creosote bush. The creature was still moving, and looked at them as it emerged from behind the bush. With only two strides, it crossed the road and disappeared in the darkness of the desert.

The three boys were not sure exactly what they saw but they all describe the animal as being 7-8 feet tall, walking on two legs, massive shoulders with two-toned tan and brown hair. The hair on the creature was nothing like a dog or bear’s fur and looked to be thin, approximately 3-4 inches long. It appeared to not have a neck or it was just too short to notice one. After watching shows featuring Bigfoot and seeing renditions, they all came to the conclusion that they witnessed seeing a Bigfoot.


  1. I like the big foot with the shades and shorts in your image. :)

  2. Yeah Lois, it looks like Harry Henderson decided to take a trip to the desert on his vacation from the Seattle woods.

  3. Poor BF! I know what it's like to have long hair in the desert, no fun. I wonder what SPF he uses? Ouch!

  4. Maybe Bigfoot is a form of Lycanthropy? I was reading that Daniel Boone fought a creature called a Yahoo that matches the description of Bigfoot. Hmmmmmmmmmm?

  5. to comment on the picture:
    i have seen that picture before, the first time i saw it i laughed so hard then started looking for bigfood and supernatural things as it is exactly the same that i was thinking. Side Note: Captcha: damprods (LOL)

  6. Hey sis, with all that hair sunscreen would be messy and greasy! It would be very hot for the hairy beast. I hope he has a water source.

    Barry, I bet that yahoo was a bigfoot. I have met a few yahoos myself, har har!

    Chris, gotta love it "damprods". I am glad you like my handy photoshop work. I thought Harry needed a vacation.

    1. My husband and i were driving to Phoenix from L.A. We were between Blythe and Quartsite on I-10 when a HUGE person but not a person, over 7 feet tall, walked out into the middle of the road, put his arms above his head and waved them and screamed so loud we could hear it above the A.C, radio and road noise. We swerved and looked at each other and sort of freaked. There was a car behind way us so we slowed to see if it swerved and sure enough, it did. Not sure what or who it was but I will never forget it. Anyone else seen anything like that ??


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