Frozen in July

It is frickin' hot in good ol' Phoenix and surrounding cities.  With the monsoon season upon us, we are getting the humidity too.  I thought I would post some pictures of winter and try and cool off.  If the pictures don't do it, a glass of iced coffee or green tea in an air conditioned building just might.

Hot coco and chilly outdoor seating.

Rocking by a warm fire.

How about some ice fishing?

Winter Wonderland

Frozen waters.

Take a ride on the zip line.

Cruise with the dogs.

Nighty nite.


  1. Oh, it's weird to look at photos like those now! It's been insanely hot in Wisconsin for the past few weeks, so I can only imagine how hot it's been in Arizona! Is it over 100 degrees where you are?

  2. Yes it has been above 100 for a while now. I can usually handle it when it is dry with no humidity but lately it has been high. Not as high as many other states, but high for us.

  3. Thanks for chilling down the eyes. :)

  4. Yikes! I never think of humidity in AZ. That must be miserable. Humidity is something we're quite used to in WI...

  5. Oh, that was just what I needed! Those pups just get to me. I LOVE sled dogs!!! I say on our next road trip,we make dust angels.

  6. Well, I'm here on the other side of the world, guys, and it is cold! Not snowing-cold (it is Australia, after all) but I'm still wrangling with my cat for a little space in front of the heater.

  7. Great photos! Winter is beautiful...but why does it have to be SO COLD??? New follower - love your blog!!

  8. Lois, welcome and glad you enjoyed it.

    Justine, we don't usually have humidity except for this time of year. For two months I stay inside as much as possible.

    Sis, I loved the pups too. That was my first dog-sled ride and I have fun.

    LGH, lol, looks like you didn't need these photos to cool down, you just have to walk outside.

    mellie, these pictures were taken on the trip to Montana my hubby and I took in January. Brrrr... welcome to my blog.

  9. Love the photos; and it definitely makes me (not) look forward to the coming winter months! I am a warm weather gal; and definitely prefer a couple of months of heat over blowing snow and cold temperatures! BRRRR!!

  10. Love the photos! It makes me dread the upcoming winter months, though. I prefer the overwhelming heat for a couple of months to cold temps and blowing drifting snow. We've had heat indices hear up to 118 F; my husband was saying it was hotter here than Phoenix that day (due to the humidity, as the temp was only 100 degrees).

    It's in the upper nineties today... I'm wearing jeans.


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