Around Town

Here are some of the abandoned places we seen around Picacho Peak.


  1. That yard sale sign just cracked me up but those junkyard dogs seriously startled me.

  2. These photos are driving me towards a road trip when school is out...

    I love the New Mexico/Arizona mountains...


  3. Sis, it is too bad the dogs were there, I wanted to check out the junk closer. I wasn't about to mess with the pups!

    Red shoes, if you take a road trip, let us know. I would love to read about your adventure.

  4. Hmm...It looks like everything should be free at that yard sale. :)

  5. The photo of the abandoned Christian Tabernacle has fired up my imagination with all sorts of dark and improbable explanations for why it was deserted.

  6. Justine, definitely going cheap! If it wasn't for the guard dogs, I would have rummaged through it.

    Fabio, thanks. Unfortunately, there are so many places around this state just like these.

    LGH, I just couldn't resist taking a picture of the sign. It didn't look like it had been abandoned long.

  7. Every one of those photos could make for an excellent horror film flick. I love it!

  8. Ha ha, the whole town would be the perfect setting for a horror flick.

  9. That gas station looks like the one in Legion. Awesome. I wonder if that yard sale had any Star Wars figs... Always keepin my eyes open.


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