From Nothing to Nowhere

Many folks driving on the highways in Arizona feel like they are on the road from nothing to nowhere. They would partially be right if they were traveling on Arizona State Highway 93. Approximately 20 miles south of the town of Wikieup lay a teeny rural community rightfully named Nothing. If you blink, you would surely miss it. This minuscule place has a rundown garage and bar and a sign which reads, “Nowhere, Arizona”. There is one problem with that sign, there is no official town of Nowhere in that location. There is however, a ramshackle site known as Nothing, Arizona.

How did the location get its name? The story is told by the local residence to anyone who traveled near the town that it “got named by a bunch of drunks”. I guess they were having a desert party in 1977 about 100 miles northwest of Phoenix near Wikieup (the rattlesnake capital of Arizona) and decided to give the piece of dirt a name. Along with the “Nowhere” sign is a Nothing town sign which reads:

“Town of Nothing, Arizona. Founded 1977. Elevation 3269 ft. The staunch citizens of Nothing are full of Hope, Faith, and Believe in the work ethic. Thru-the-years-these dedicated people had faith in Nothing, hoped for Nothing, worked at Nothing, for Nothing.”

By May of 2005, Nothing was all but abandoned with the gas station on the verge of falling down by 2008. Nothing had a ray of hope when Mike Jensen bought it in 2008. A year later he opened a pizza place using a portable oven and had dreams of adding a mini-mart and parking for RV’s. Sadly by April of 2011, Nothing was once again deserted with boards on the windows of the building.

This sounds like another place for the brassy redhead and her travel partner to check out. Stay tune…..


  1. We have a few more quirky little towns like this.

  2. I'd love to visit an old abandoned town, and creep myself out at almost every turn.

  3. Beer, I love the ghost towns. I just need to visit them at night... BOO!

  4. Intriguing! A town that ends up living up to it's name. You should definitely check it out.


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