Kickin' Up Dust

Hay everyone, Sharon and I are in the process of writing another book we have titled, "Kickin' Up Dust".  This book will feature some of our road trips and how our personal lives have changed in the last year and a half.  We would like to invite you to read our blog of the same name, Kickin' Up Dust and hope you will become a follower.  This blog will feature teaser posts from stories featured in the book and places we have been on our many road trips.  Sharon wrote a great introduction for the book which I have posted below:


For years, we were held back by many things in our lives that felt out of our control. Sharon was in a miserable marriage, wanted to be published, and needed to lose weight and feel confident again after the beating her ego had taken in the marriage. Julie had been laid off for 2 years and was slumped into a kind of limbo that made her depressed, her husband and she were about to short-sale their home, and she wanted to lose weight and be healthy, as well.

Neither of us knew how to get started. We knew what we wanted; something quite different than we had, but how would we begin to make such massive changes in our lives?

Atop of all our personal life issues, our day to day world had become routine and boring, without challenges and growth. We needed to step out and see things from a new perspective and perhaps then have the initiative to make changes in our lives.

We knew each other in the blog world, both of us having ghost hunting blogs, but we met in person on a ghost hunt in January 2010 and from then on, something happened. We discovered the more we took to the Arizona back roads on crazy adventures and spooky ghost hunts, the more our lives at home changed.

We were kickin' up dust on the road and in our lives, getting lost to find ourselves.

Join us in this story of our transformation; from chilling ghost hunts, poking around abandoned buildings and graveyards in search of encounters with the paranormal, getting published, divorced, starting a business, moving into new homes, getting healthy, gaining confidence, and more!


  1. Yeah, I just love our crazy road trips and this Thelma and Louise of the paranormal world are taking another crazy Trek in only a few days!

  2. I just visited your new blog, I will be checking in.

  3. My sisters! So inspiring! I hope to one day be able to do some of the things y'all are enjoying now! I even have a co-conspirator picked out! She's one of my best buds! Hmmm....plotting and planning! the picture, me and an ex had these done when I was 21. Too funny!

  4. You guys are so fun and inspiring too! Looking forward to reading your new blog.

  5. Thanks everyone. Sharon and I thank you for all your support. We greatly appreciate it.


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