Welcome to Hell: Slaughterhouse Barn

This place was very creepy.  Most of the places were very unsettling especially one room with a blanket which looked like half a human might be wrapped in it, and where a puppy caucus was lying in the entrance wrapped in a pink blanket with a sign written at the entrance which simply stated, "Welcome to Hell".

Check out Sharon's post at Ghost Hunting Theories and see what type of readings she got on the place and watch her eerie video.


  1. It's sad to see the blankets. That means people were/are living there.

  2. There was a mummified puppy in one of them. Sis, I wonder what the hell was in the other blanket??? These pictures are breath-taking. You need to enter them in contests!

  3. Don't see many swayback buildings these days. Nice shots!

  4. Did you hear the collective Mooooo of all those dead cows?

  5. Leo, like Autumnforest said, there was a mummified puppy in the pink blanket, we just didn't have the nerve to see what might be wrapped in the other one.

    Sis, I am thinking maybe you should have looked in the other blanket.... yikes! That place was creepy!

    Eric, I got a battle wound where the roof swayed down low. I was wearing a big floppy hat and didn't see the roof so my lip ran into it. I felt like a dumbshit. It hurt...

    MM, no moooo's, just a puppy wimper.

  6. Wow, you can feel the creepiness even from just viewing the pictures yet alone being there!

  7. Awesome pics! I keep hoping one of these days to be able to get out there with you guys. I miss those road trips.

  8. Heather, it was even more creepier in person.

    Ginny, I miss you taking trips with us. You definitely will have to plan to come with us on a future road trip.

  9. Wow, this place really does look like hell!



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